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Personal stories of some of our valued customers about their Anuschka. Email us your story at customerservice@anuschkaleather.com or share your experience on our Facebook page.

“Anuschka is my favorite bag. The leather is soft and light and even with a wallet, cosmetic bag,paperback and pistol, it’s light and easy to carry. I love dragonflies and fairies and your artists create them beautifully.”

Michelle R. (USA)

“Looooove Anuschka. It’s like eating potato chips, once you start you can’t stop! Beautiful, artistic beauties!” Monica J. (USA)

“They’re so beautiful. Suddenly other brands of bags are no longer good enough for me.” Michelle V. (USA)


“I’m thrilled with the comfort and beauty of these handbags! Every inch is painted and the pebbled leather is soft and lightweight. Perfect for anyone who hates lugging around heavy purses.” Karen S. (Australia)

Love all my "ANUSCHKA" bags! It is truly a joy to carry around ( compliments are a plus ) . It's simply like no other!

Sorina W, (Australia)

“This bag is gorgeous! The leather feels so good, and the design is amazing. I’ve already bumped against a door frame, and there was no damage to the paint. It looks so delicate, but it is really strong.” Linda W. (USA)


"These are truly gorgeous bags, much prettier than the pictures. They are lightweight and roomy with lots of features. I’ve been using mine daily for a year now it is very durable. The color has not worn off at all. You’ll have this bag for a long, long time.”

Nancy C. (USA)

My 2 new Anuschka bags along with coin purse and wallet arrived today, I LOVE them ! Only problem now is deciding which of my 4 Anuschka bags to use ! I will have to rotate and use a different one each day. I now have 4 bags, 2 wallets and a coin purse !! HELP I am addicted !!

Natalie L, (Australia)

“Really love your bags. The quality of the leather is like no other.”

 Mary J. (France)


“They are absolutely worth every penny! They are durable, sturdy and incredibly beautiful pieces of art that hold up unbelievably well. The craftsmanship and attention to detail and the breathtaking paintings have brought me many compliments. Do not hesitate! Buy one and you’ll be hooked. I guarantee it!” 

Veronica C. (USA)

 "I own a bag with this print Lush Lilac it is stunning, the dimension, colors are outstanding. Goes with everything."

 Jackie M Osborne North Carolina (USA)

I love Anuschka bags - they are made with so much care and quality. I receive compliments on my purse every day. It holds a lot without being heavy. I recommend Anuschka to anyone who wants a unique handbag that you won’t see everyone else carrying!

Cathy T, Florida (USA)

I absolutely LOVE my Anuschka handbags!!!! It's not just purse....IT'S AN ANUSCHKA!!!!! Thanks for creating such a beautiful piece of art!

Carolyn A. (USA)

I was in the eternal search for the perfect purse, then I found the Anuschka Butterfly purse. It's been my most favorite purse to date. I can't tell you how many compliments on it.

Michelle T. (USA)

“I get compliments on it every day and people keep asking where they can purchase one. I live in a small town near Granada and no one has ever seen anything like this! I will definitely buy more.” Carmen A. (Spain)