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Anuschka /an-ush-ka / n. like no other.
Anuschka® is a 'unique' creation that blends art and functionality with élan.

The Creative Art
Anuschka® bags are a feast for the eyes. The colors are a very powerful element in these designs. The wide range of abstracts, imaginary and natural scenes, depicted in muted colors of all shades and hues, transforms each handbag into an object of timeless art. Artisans pride themselves in the creation of every piece. To them, each is the one and only and therefore it cannot be like any other…

The specially created and carefully selected, rich and supple cow hide, allows the art to age like fine wine… it only gets enriched with time and attracts even more compliments.

Effectiveness of the bags
By approaching fashion through intelligent creativity and striking the right balance between functionality and art, the painting on each handbag and accessory is qualified 'wearable art'!

The Anuschka® story doesn’t end with its art or its leather, it simply begins with it. To bring sense to sophistication, Anuschka® pays attention to the intricate details such as practical features, precise handcrafted workmanship, signature lining, custom made hardware and branded sliders.

Whether you are at the groceries, on your way back from work or flying to London to close a business deal, your ability to adapt and react is constantly tested.  In today's fast changing world of fashion, your Anuschka handbag will reflect your state of mind, and help you cope with the unexpected!

Back in the early 80's, when Swapan Basu chanced upon the opportunity to make hand painted accessories, he was quick to seek help from his 'best friend' and 'wife', Roma. In 1984, Roma started designing hand painted bags while developing the process and refining the method of painting over the years. Today it is a closely guarded family tradition.

During the early days, Roma had to overcome the hurdle of finding people to paint her designs on the handbags. So, she set out to look for unemployed youths with a basic sense of art and an eagerness to make an honest living.

She succeeded in recruiting a handful of boys and girls who were either unemployed, socially backward or barely making a minimum wage.  Training them was an uphill task. Today, these painters are not only making a good living and providing for their family, they are also training and recruiting others who are going through the same economic challenges in their lives.

Next generation designer!
Roma's son, Bhaskar, grew up watching his parents working hard to build their business.

Bhaskar Basu is fast becoming the quintessential designer of wearable art… a classic style in the world of 'accessories' that enables you to express yourself through a unique fashion.

Born in 1975, in Calcutta, India, Bhaskar always had a creative inclination. As a child, he would pursue perfection even in his doodle! During his very first year in school, when asked to write about his career goals, he wrote about his father's decision to quit his job and get into business.
He pursued Business Administration from an American university. Bhaskar dreamt of taking charge of the business started by his parents and growing it across borders and across continents.

In 2000, with Swapan's assistance, Bhaskar gathered enough funds to start Basu Corporation. Basu Corporation sold its first Anuschka® handbag in September, 2000. Soon Bhaskar started researching the market and learning more about fashion trends. Anuschka® defied mainstream fashion. So, one had to look beyond.  Bhaskar inspired his mother to be bold with her designing and started contributing his own art concepts. Gradually, Anuschka™ started to grow and Bhaskar's involvement in designing grew deeper.
In 2004, Bhaskar relocated to New Jersey and started The Basu Group, Inc. Since then, Anuschka™ has been experiencing double digit growth. Bhaskar utilized his ability to learn and leveraged an innovative mind to create and present a product that was still new to many, even after being in existence for almost two decades.

Today, Roma and Bhaskar have over 40 artists working under their guidance and these innovative designs are available in USA, Canada, Bahamas, Great Britain, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands and Belgium.