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"SO special! LOVE LOVE this... the photos do not do these handbags justice. Wait until you open the box, simply beautiful. It is like carrying around a fine work of art. I ordered many combinations of the Anuschka bags. They are addictive. Amazing in every way, quality! Thanks, Anuschka!!!"


"LOVE love love my dancing peacock large flap convertible. Gorgeous, and have gotten SO many compliments. People don't know my name, I am known as "the girl with the purse"!"

"This bag is incredibly beautiful. Even more than I had imagined it would be, and I own at least 6 anuschka pieces. It has wonderful storage pockets to keep things organized and the only way it could be better is to be bigger. It makes me feel so stylish and so proud to carry this awesome artwork. Thank you for the opportunity to acquire this bag at this wonderful price!"

"This is my sixth Anushka bag. I purchased three in the 1990s and three more this past year. I always get a compliment each time I carry one of these bags. I began with the "abstract" and just keep adding to the collection. The quality and workmanship is tremendous. The colors are outstanding. Thanks for carrying these bags."

"This bag is so much more than I expected, and that is really hard to believe. The quality is incredible and I own nothing but leather when it comes to purse. Every pocket & zipper inside is leather lined so I know it will last. I can't even remember the description since I ordered it regardless, but there is just so much thought that went into the design of this from the 2 pockets on the front (sunglass & cell phone), 2 very generous zippered on back, to the inside multi compartments and attached leather key holder. There was even a protective storage bag that came with, but I don't think my bag beauty won't see the inside of that much."

"With so many high-end handbags to choose from; with so many quality handbags and so many replica handbags to pick, why not explore the possibility of a very beautiful and original bag for your fashion wardrobe accompaniment that, while retaining the original beauty, doesn't set you back four figures to own? Have you ever thought about an Anuschka handbag?"

"Anuschka™ bags are a feast for the eyes with colors playing a powerful role in the bold designs. A wide range of abstracts, imaginary and natural scenes, depicted in muted colors of all shades and hues, transforms each handbag into an object of timeless art.

Anuschka™ bags are constructed one at a time, and the personalized and individual workmanship is an integral part of each creation. Each artisan takes pride in the creation of every piece. To them, the current creation is the one and only and therefore cannot be like any other."

"For anyone who has seen an Anuschka handbag, it is unlike any other design out there. And although the very first handbag was sold in the year 2000, the concept of the design was imagined and realized by Roma Basu when she started making the bags in 1984. With the help of her husband who is the founder of the company, Anuschka has become a household name across the globe. Their son, Bhaskar, who studied business in the United States, then gave the company the boost it needed to have a broader marketing scope, and in September of 2000, the Basu corporation was born."

"People say an Anuschka Hobo is wearable art, and it is. When you wear an Anuschka Hobo, you wear a beautiful, artistic, one of a kind hand-painted bag. But it's so much more than that. A hobo has become the quintessential bag of choice for women on the go. Why? Hobos are large enough to fit all the day's essentials, but not too large. And they're small enough to transition easily from work to play to travel. If you like bags that stand out in a sophisticated way, we think you'll like the Anuschka Leather collection."

"Are you currently in the market for a handbag - one that is stylish, yet functional enough for everyday use? Does the idea of owning a unique purse, one that sets you apart from the crowd, sound appealing to you? If so, you simply must check out the amazing line of Anuschka handbags."

"They are absolutely lovely bags that are also functional. Anuschka handbags are made from soft cow leather that is handpainted with butterflies, roses, orchids, and/or abstract designs. In addition to unique handbags, look for Anuschka wallets and backpacks."