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Wholesale FAQ

Wholesale FAQ


How long does it take to make one of your products?

Most of our hand-painted hand bags take about 45-60 days to make, from the time the leather is selected to the time the finished product is ready to be packaged.

Which of your products are hand-painted?

All of our bags and wallets are hand painted and hand crafted. All other Anuschka products are art applied.  We translate our original artworks on leather to watercolors that are then printed on our other Anuschka products.

Are these all original artwork with copyrights?

All artwork on Anuschka products are original and copyrighted.

Can I get any bag in any artwork?

No, we are unable to do any custom orders because of the time it takes to perfect every art on every bag. View our latest catalog to see which bag styles are available in each artwork.

How many artisans do we have?

We have over 100 artisans and several more apprentices.

Is this a Fair trade Product?

Our products are not certified but The Basu Group’s fair-trade policies ensure that our artisans are paid higher rates than similar skilled workers in other industries. We support the artisans’ efforts with health insurance for their families and retirement benefits, enabling them to afford a better lifestyle.

What type of leather is used to create an Anuschka accessory?

Anuschka handbags are made of soft top grain cow nappa which is specially treated to work like a canvas for Anuschka art.


How do I care for my Anuschka handbag or wallet?

We highly recommend that you protect your Anuschka products from stains and extreme moisture to safeguard its hand-painted finish. Due to the hand-painted surface of the leather, you should avoid rubbing the leather against rough or sharp surfaces to minimize scratching, please be aware that it is natural for leather to transform slightly in color when exposed to the elements. 

·        It needs to be treated like any other high grade leather accessory.

·        Dust or wipe it regularly with a soft, dry cloth.

·        Avoid long exposure to direct sunlight and protect it from rain and snow.

·        Avoid contact with cosmetic creams, lotions, makeup product, and perfumes.

·        Should the product remain stored for along time, please place it inside the included dust bag and store in a dry place.

·        We recommend regular use of our Leather Protector that has been specially developed to preserve the rich artwork.

Can I use any other leather lotion to clean my purse?

We only recommend using the Anuschka Leather Protector to preserve the colors, and suppleness of the leather. Use of other leather care products could damage the painted surface. Our leather products are treated after creation for durability and protection. However, please be aware that it is natural for leather to transform slightly in color when exposed to the elements.

How do I care for my Anuschka handbag if it gets wet?

Wipe the liquid immediately and pat to dry with a soft cloth, then allow it to dry naturally.

How do I care for the Anuschka Rainboots?

To clean we recommend you handwash the exterior of your boots with mild soap and water and let them dry naturally in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. Our beautiful classic rainboots are just what you need for those wet days outdoors, but please do not store or dry them indirect sunlight. Over-exposure to sunlight can cause the boots to become dry and brittle, as well as cause discoloration. 

How do I care for my Anuschka Umbrella?

Simply shake off excess water and let dry naturally. Do not store in direct sunlight. 

How do I clean my Anuschka Eye Mask?

Handwash gently in cold water only using a drop of mild soap, do not wring, and lay flat to dry.

How do I clean my Anuschka Face Mask?

Wash in warm water and hang to dry. 

How do I clean my Anuschka Scarf?

Handwash in cool water with mild soap and hang to dry. 


How do I apply for a wholesale account in the US?

You can apply for a wholesale account:

1.      By using the Wholesale link at the bottom of the page at and choose Join the Anuschka Family.

2.      By contacting your sales representative if one is available in your area.

3.      By calling Customer Service at 908-517-9138

How to become an authorized re-seller of Anuschka in the US to sell within the US?

To become an authorized Anuschka seller you need to:

Complete New Account form, agree to the terms and conditions, including Distribution and Marketplace Agreement, and Minimum Advertised Price Policy Agreement (US based reseller only) through HELLOSIGN.

**Please note: The Basu Group may seek additional information about your business before approving the application. Finally adding a new authorized reseller will be the decision of the team based on several factors including but not limited to the number of accounts in that region, or that category of retail and so on.

How to stay authorized with Anuschka?

To authorize you need to stay in compliance with our terms and conditions and the various agreements. You also need to declare anytime you have a new physical brick and mortar location or new online store or open a marketplace account. You are also required to share all the names, domain names, aliases etc. under which you operate all your stores (physical, virtual, marketplace and so on).

Can I sell Anuschka products on a Marketplace?

No, you may not promote, market, advertise, offer to sell or sell any Product on or through any online marketplace or auction service (e.g., eBay, Amazon marketplace, Walmart marketplace, Rakuten marketplace, or like websites) or any such platform that allows you to publish and sell goods for a fee. Further, you may not sell to any third-party reseller or listing agent that may sell the same goods on such online platforms/marketplaces.

What is Anna by Anuschka?

Anna by Anuschka is a line of handbags and accessories that is our Affordable Luxury Collection. The Anna collection is hand-painted in our family workshop by our newer, up-and-coming artisans while the Anuschka collection is painted by our master artisans. Currently we do not have an in-stock Anna program for independent retailers. It is drop ship only and offered to limited accounts.

Can I retail Anna in my store?

No, at this time, Anna by Anuschka is only available to a few select retailers.


How do I place a wholesale order?

Once you have been approved to sell Anuschka products and all necessary documents have been signed, there are several ways to place future orders:

1.      Contact your Sales Representative

2.      Call Customer Service at 908-517-9138

3.      Fax your order to us at 908-325-0436

4.      Email your order to

5.      Order online through the wholesale portal available for US customers shipping to retails stores within the US.

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