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Looking for gemstone jewelry online to gift your loved one? Look at our awe-inspiring collection

Written by: Anuschka Team


Gemstone jewelry is the epitome of timeless elegance, a striking symbol of luxury and refinement. It introduces you to a world where beauty and rarity intertwine with artful craftsmanship. From deep blues to fiery reds, each gemstone has a story to tell, adding depth and meaning to the jewelry it adorns. If your loved one adores gemstone jewelry as much as you, take a look at these exclusive pieces by Vanya Lara to gift them on their next happy occasion:


Trillion-cut Gemstone Bangle- VBR0007 (Green)

Made of raw natural gemstones, this piece of jewelry is a stunning representation of nature's beauty fused with high-end style. Made in a vibrant green hue, this bracelet is easy to wear and adds an edge to your outfit.  The stones are seamlessly interwoven in a single 22k gold-plated brass bangle, creating a timeless addition to your accessory collection. This bracelet is made in a standard size but is expandable to fit all wrists.  If your loved one likes classic bracelets, this trillion-cut gemstone bangle could be an ideal gift for them.


Druzy Melody Bracelet- VBR0001 (Grey)

For the fashion-savvy loved one in your life, look no further than this stunning geode druzy bracelet. Crafted from the finest quality sugar druzy stone, it makes for an ideal gift that exudes elegance and grace. This exquisite roundabout bracelet that features two sizable chunks of stones is an ideal accessory for a range of events - from sundowners to office soirées. The striking gray shade complements any occasion, making it an essential element of any fashion-forward wardrobe.


Kaleidoscope Eternity Earrings- VER0001 (Green)

These remarkable earrings are the ultimate gift for the social butterfly who loves to make a statement when they enter a room. This stunning piece features an array of dazzling colors set against a gold setting, offering an ideal balance between fun and sophistication.  Each gemstone is a natural hydro quartz. With a 2.75" drop, these earrings are sure to turn heads and garner compliments wherever they are worn.


Mojave Brick Earrings- VER0008 (Lavender)

For a truly unique and charming gift, look no further than these stunning mosaic earrings in a striking shade of turquoise. If your loved one is a fan of minimalism and unique designs that stand out in a crowd, they are sure to adore this pair. These earrings are both trendy and petite and make for the perfect accessory to complement your loved one’s everyday office wear or add a touch of style to their evening outings.


Pretty in Pearl necklace- VNK0001- (Pearl)

There's no comparison to the beauty of natural pearls. They're timeless, elegant, and simply exquisite. Gift your loved one this very regal necklace made from freshwater pearls. This piece can be worn as a long chain or layered for a more casual look. Vanya Lara's collection of freshwater pearls is unparalleled and effortlessly adds a touch of luxury.


Foliage necklace- VNK0004 (White)

Drawing inspiration from the beauty of nature, this necklace embodies simplicity at its finest. The stunning foliage design is adorned with white hydro quartz gemstones and held together with gold-plated brass, creating a smart and stylish piece. The pendant adds a touch of elegance and sways gracefully. If your loved one appreciates minimalist designs and timeless jewelry, this necklace would make the perfect addition to their collection.


Looking for gemstone jewelry online?


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