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5 fabric handbags for travel lovers

Written by: Anuschka Team


Going on a trip to new and unfamiliar places can be an amazing experience that helps you broaden your horizons and grow as a person. You get to meet interesting people, try new foods and have exciting adventures. These journeys can open up your mind to a world of possibilities. But, it's important to be careful and prepared when exploring the unknown. That's where a good travel bag comes in - it's a must-have companion that keeps your important items close at hand. So, embrace your inner adventurer and travel in style with these fantastic travel fabric handbags.


Fabric with Leather Trim Zip Top City Tote - 12005 (Jungle Macaws)


Elevate your travel game with this essential tote bag, designed to be your trusted companion on every adventure. Boasting a capacious single compartment and double-length shoulder strap, this bag is perfectly suited to keep all of your travel essentials conveniently at hand. Ideal for day trips or weekend getaways, it enables you to forgo excess luggage. The alluring Jungle Macaws artwork evokes the wild beauty of nature and reflects your intrepid spirit. Moreover, this lightweight and waterproof bag features specialized pockets and zippers for stashing smaller items such as credit cards, phones, and wallets.


Fabric with Leather Trim Large Sling Hobo - 12010 (Boho Paisley)

This large sling hobo bag is stylish, and vibrant and depicts the indigenous paisley prints from the Indian subcontinent. Store your travel mints and band-aids in the rear zipper pockets. The main zippered compartment is large enough to store your passport, a book, your tablet, and any other paraphernalia that you might need to quickly access during your travels. If you are traveling for work, this bag is equally useful.


Fabric with Leather Trim East/West Hobo - 12013 (Butterfly Heaven Ruby)

Tiny but mighty, this leather trim east/west hobo packs a punch in terms of utility and visual appeal. The stunning butterfly print on the bright red background of the bag is a joy to show off. The single-compartment entry opens to a zippered and open wall pocket. You can store your ID cards, and credit and debit cards. It is a great way to keep your essentials handy while traveling.


Fabric with Leather Trim Multi Compartment Satchel - 12014 (Dragonfly Garden)

A satchel is a fashion essential. It is spacious, smaller than a tote but larger than a hobo or sling bag. This multi compartment satchel is made to hold all your essentials in an organized way. It is lightweight and waterproof. The Dragonfly Garden artwork print is a lovely nod to the natural world and its mysteries.Plus, the bag comes with a removable and adjustable web strap, so you can go hands-free whenever you need to.


Fabric with Leather Trim Great Escape Duffle - 12016 (Sea Treasures)

Nature has forever amazed us with its alluring and inexplicable creations. Anuschka’s exclusive collection is a tribute to the boundless beauties of nature. A duffle bag is the ultimate bag to have. It is roomy, stylish, and timeless. You can take it on a two-day work trip or to the beach across town. It is perfect for storing your clothes and travel essentials in one place. This fabric duffle bag with leather trim is fashionable and features a stunning sea treasure artwork print that depicts the world under the sea against a vibrant blue background.