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Anuschka 35th Anniversary Blog

Written by: Anuschka Team


This September, Anuschka is celebrating its 35th anniversary. This long and fulfilling journey could not
have been possible without your support. At the same time, it would not be possible without the countless
artisans working with us. Our product and our journey started with a unique and heart-touching story.
This story set us apart 35 years ago and continues to do so even today. 

Anuschka was always about empowering lives through art. Founded by Roma and Swapan whose unique
idea made the brand what it is now. They started off by building a collection of hand-painted products.
But they were crafted by talented and unemployed artisans from villages. This not only provided them
with a source of income but also allowed them to train to become better artists. This idea of connecting
the youth and rural craftsmen to the consumers is what led to Anuschka’s growth.

It all started with one artisan. Today, that family of artisans has grown to include over 150. So, when
consumers buy an Anuschka product they are actually investing to improve the lives of 500+ people in
less fortunate situations. With such empowerment, these artisans can afford a decent lifestyle, proper
healthcare, a home and education for their children. We have trained artisans to paint on leather and with
that ability they are now turning their lives around, ensuring prosperity.

Artisian Debaditya Bose with Bhaskar Basu
Artisian Avijit Mukherjee
Artisian Pampa Roy
Artisian Avijit Samadar
Artisian Nabakumar Halder
Artisian Ramchandra Shil
Artisian Zubair Ansari

Our incredible products

Anuschka is home to some of the trendiest products. Made with extreme care and attention to detail, the
following are some product categories you should check out -

Hand Painted Leather bags: 

Over the years, our artisans have perfected the craftsmanship of leather bags.
Today, we offer a huge collection of genuine leather handbags, totes, purses and other varieties.
Our bags have incredible hand-painted artwork, which sets them apart from all other options in
the market today. We also offer croc-embossed leather, ensuring that the accessory feels premium
and stylish. Hand-tooled leather options are also available, showcasing the sheer talent of our


Over the years, we have expanded into lifestyle products and loungewear was
added to the collection. Sporting some of the most attractive designs and artwork, our loungewear
provides superior comfort and style. So, even when you are lazing around or working from home,
our loungewear is the perfect addition to your wardrobe. From slip dresses to pajama sets and
robes, our loungewear collection is an impressive mix of it all.


We also offer a diverse range of trendy scarves to accessorize your look. These scarves
also come with our unique artworks and can elevate your entire ensemble. Our scarves not only
look good but also offer incredible comfort wrapped around your neck.

Life style collection Cardinal Family


We also launched Vanya Lara, our collection of exquisite and hand-crafted jewelry.
Each piece is created with semi-precious stones that are cut by hand.

Other accessories: 

You should also check out some of our other accessories, including our
range of hand-painted wristbands, leather key charms and more. Each comes with Anuschka
signature artworks.

Life style of accessories

In the last three and a half decades, Anuschka’s operations have expanded from one tiny garage to four
buildings. At this time, we not only sold our products domestically but also across 50 countries. Thank
you for being with us through all of this. And, we are incredibly excited to see where Anuschka goes in the
coming 35 years. We are confident that this is just the beginning for Anuschka!