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Looking for the right womens card holders for seminars and workshops: check this list

Written by: Anuschka Team


Being able to carry around credit and debit cards can be tricky, especially with the advent of advanced
data theft technologies, including RFID scanners. Today, it is possible to copy card data without even
handling it. This is especially true for events hosting a huge number of people, such as conferences,
workshops and seminars. So, it has become more important than ever to store cards in secure card
holders. Here, we share a list of a few safe and, at the same time, stylish women’s card holders out

Accordion Style Credit And Business Card Holder - 1110 (Cleopatra’s Leopard)

This small and yet stylish cardholder is just the accessory you need when attending seminars because of
its compact size. You can move around freely with this piece tucked in your hands. The incredible artwork
showing a leopard and a jungle scene on a black backdrop is something that should gel with every outfit.
The most important aspect though is that it houses 11 slots for storing your cards. For such a small and
compact bag, that is truly impressive.

RFID Blocking Card Case with Coin Pouch - 1140 (Tranquil Pond)

This exquisite card case is so slim that it can fit inside any of your purse. Besides your credit and debit
card, you can also git in some smaller essentials in this pouch. That way, you can easily access these items
while in the middle of attending a seminar. The fascinating artwork on the pouch showcases the
tranquility on a pond’s surface, with flowers and dragonflies. The five slots for storing your credit cards
each come with RFID scan protection, ensuring your data remains safe under all conditions.

Credit Card Case - 1032 (Island Escape Black)

This credit card case is another extremely aesthetic choice for storing your cards while attending
seminars. Since it is extremely small, it does not take up a whole lot of space inside your purse. This leaves
sufficient room for all your other essentials. The card case sports just one pocket and four card storing

Key Zip Case - 1160 (Regal Peacock)

This zip case offers multi-functional support, acting as a card storage accessory, as well as, a coin pouch.
RFID scanner protection means that the two credit or debit card slots on the bag offers complete
protection to them against unwanted scans. The exquisite artwork of the peacock, along with its usage as a
swap out bag, means that it is highly suited to events, such as workshops and seminars.

Clutch Organizer Wristlet - 1151 (Calaveras de Azúcar)

The handpainted wristlet stands out because of its unique artwork. In a seminar setting, it can free up
your hands, allowing you to simply hang it from your wrists. The great part is that the accessory offers
plenty of space for your essentials. The six card slots within the bag should prove to be plenty for most.
They offer enhanced protection against digital scans.

Zip Around Small Organizer Wallet - 1161 (Dreamy Floral)

This genuine leather organizer wallet sports an exquisite floral design. Completely hand painted, such a
design should help you stand out from the rest of the attendees at workshops or seminars. There are
multiple compartments in this bag to store most of your essentials. You may even opt out of carrying a
separate purse altogether.

Looking for leather card holders?

Explore the leather card holder collection from Anuschka. With these, you can step out in style while also
maintaining the safety of your credit cards. They have a huge variety, offering card holders of various
shapes and sizes. Each of them also sport authentic and original artwork that elevates the overall look of
the card holders.