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The Ethical Journey of Anuschka Leather: From Sourcing to Creation

Written by: Anuschka Team


Anuschka Leather is committed to ethical practices that start right from sourcing our materials. The same commitment is followed throughout the manufacturing process of our handcrafted leather goods. At the heart of it all lies our unending devotion and determination to ensure sustainability in everything we produce and do. Here, we take a look at the ethical and sustainable journey that begins with our sourcing and ends in our creation process.

Sourcing Ethically:

Leather is the most important part of all our creations. That's why we are careful in selecting the leather we use. Many manufacturers of leather goods source their leather from animals raised specifically for their hides. However, we derive our leather as a byproduct from the local meat and farming industries. This approach ensures that a circular economy is maintained and aligns with our sustainability goals of maximizing resource utilization, ensuring that no part of the animal goes to waste.

Since we source the hides from animals raised for their meat, we ensure ethical sourcing. Also, because these animals provide valuable byproducts, they are treated humanely. The hides are collected responsibly during the meat production process, allowing us to bring ethically sourced leather bags to you. 

Prioritizing Local and Family-owned Tanneries:

Another integral part of our sourcing is our reliance solely on leather from local, family-owned tanneries. These tanneries tend to comply with strict regulations for ethical sourcing. Besides ensuring the welfare of animals, these tanneries also prioritize fair wages and safe working environments for their workers. We believe that supporting such small and local businesses can help boost the region’s economy and guarantee the durability and quality of our leather.

Minimizing Environmental Impact:

Ethical sourcing is just a part of our efforts to reduce the environmental impact of our production process. During the manufacturing process, we use recycled water to limit water waste.

Relying on Traditional Practices:

Another important aspect of producing our leather goods responsibly and sustainably is sourcing the leather and other materials locally. This helps minimize the fuel consumption involved with long-distance transportation of raw materials. We also avoid using harmful chemicals, so commonplace in the leather industry today. This approach ensures that our products are not only spectacular but eco-friendly too.

Our ethical handbags and other leather goods are created by highly experienced craftsmen responsible for cutting the leather and for the art and craft on the bags. They ensure minimal wastage of leather, which further aligns us with a sustainable approach.