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Check these stylish and creative leather bag charms

Written by: Anuschka Team


You can elevate the look of your leather bags by accessorizing them with stylish bag charms. These small
additions to your bags can modify the vibe of a bag, making the accessory feel more elevated. Here is a list
of the most creative and impressive leather bag charms that you need to check out.

Painted Leather Bag Charm - K0031 (Rainbow Birds)

This bird shaped bag charm is incredibly colorful, sporting many hues. The bold colors make it a brilliant
addition to your ensemble and your bags. You can pair it with white, black or denim basics. To achieve a
balanced look, you can also go for a simple shirt. A black outfit also works wonders with this particular

Painted Leather Bag Charm - K0023 (Cleopatra’s Leopard)

The amazing bag charm showcases one of the most intricate leopard outlines in black and white. The
slight bluish tinge in the eyes of the animal makes it seem almost alive. This charm will go perfectly when
paired with monochromatic outfits. Go for a black jumpsuit or a white blouse to showcase the stunning
contrast. Keep other accessories to a minimum to let the charm shine.

Painted Leather Bag Charm - K0029 (Angel Wings)

The next stylish bag charm represents angel wings. The bold golden color of the accessory can really
elevate your overall look, if you can pair it perfectly. Delicate shades, such as a cream blouse or a flowy
ivory-shaded dress will help create a lovely contrast with the golden hue. You can also add a few golden
accessories to complete the look.

Painted Leather Bag Charm - K0032 (Jungle Queen)

The exquisite bag charm sports typical scenery right out of a jungle, with vegetation and a leopard. The
hand painted charm truly showcases the talent of the artist. Because of the bold colors on the bag charm,
it will fit in quite well with solid colored clothes. For instance, you can pair with something with earthy
tones, such as a green top and brown pants or skirts.

Painted Leather Bag Charm - K0027 (Mystical Reef)


If you are truly fascinated by underwater wildlife, this fashionable bag charm may just be the accessory for
you. The seahorse design will encourage you to embrace the oceanic charm. Pair this bag charm will be
perfect when worn with a sunflower yellow dress or a brown skirt. Such a color scheme will help
complement the bag charm wonderfully, elevating your look.

Painted Leather Bag Charm - K0009 (Desert Garden)

This chic leather bag charm sports a floral design with a truly attractive color scheme. The bluish tinge
and the pinkish outlines make it the perfect accessory when you want to embrace a bold style. You should
pair it with a green sundress. It can also serve as quite the contrast when worn with a white blouse.

Looking for bag charms online?

Explore the wide range of leather bag charms at Anuschka. These charms showcase truly stunning designs
and each of them is sure to make you the center of attention. They also double down as keyrings, helping
you keep track of your keys. With these around, you will never just carry your bags around without
pinning one of the charms to accessorize your bags.

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