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Common mistakes to avoid when buying hand painted designer bags

Written by: Anuschka Team


Holding a handbag that’s also a work of art can make you the center of attraction at any gathering.  Hand-painted designer bags are having a moment and carrying one can make you look fashion-forward and chic. However, splurging on luxury hand-painted designer bags is not a decision to be taken lightly. Hand- painted designer bags hold a special place in wardrobes and thus, must be chosen carefully. Here we share with you common mistakes to avoid when buying hand-painted designer bags: 

Mistake 1: Too afraid to invest in quality hand bag


It’s important to remember that hand-painted designer bags are an investment accessory that should last for years. When choosing a handbag, it’s important to select one made from high-quality materials that will stand the test of time.

Mistake 2: Not doing research about leather before making a purchase

Best hand painted designer bags are made of high quality leather. But not all leather bags are equal. You will hand painted designer bags made of different types of leather such as full grain, top grain, genuine, bicast, and bonded. It’s important to know what kind of leather is being used to make the bag. It goes without saying that poor-quality leather bags will crack easily, causing the artwork to chip off. Ensure that you purchase a bag made with high-quality leather.

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Our hand painted designer bags are made of soft top-grain nappa leather. The leather is perfect for artwork as it fully absorbs the paint. We make sure that the leather is specially treated to make the artwork look more vibrant.

Mistake 3: Mistaking graphic design print for original artwork

If you want to buy hand painted designer bags, you most certainly would want to buy ones that are painted by talented artisans. The reason being an original piece of artwork will have quite a few layerings and depth. A graphic design print lacks the depth and uniqueness that the human touch can bring. Whether you are an art savant or not, the best way to check whether the hand bags have original works of art or not, go to the brand’s website and read their story. When you visit our website, not only can you buy bags, but also learn about the inspiration behind the artwork and get to know the artisans who bring those artworks to life.

Mistake 4: Not paying attention to details

When it comes to buying hand painted designer bags, the difference between good and great bags lies in the details. Poor-quality handbags will have sloppy or jagged stitching. When you’re looking at a designer bag, the stitching will always be top quality. Our hand painted designer bags are carefully crafted. The best quality leather is selected and skillfully cut. Our experienced craftsmen stitch the fine leather and line up every detail.

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