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Creative and inspirational travel handbags for artistic getaways

Written by: Anuschka Team


When you are planning a holiday, it is essential to get your accessories right. For instance, the handbags you bring for the vacation not only need to be spacious enough to carry your daily essentials but also complement your style. This is especially true when you are about to set out on an artistic getaway. At these times, it is important that all your handbags show a creative and artistic aspect. Here, we share some travel handbag options.


Twin Top Messenger - 704 (Elephant Mandala)

This stunning Twin Top Messenger showcases a spectacular artwork of an elephant with a mandala design. The vibrant colors in the artwork ensure a unique look that can elevate your outfits. The hand-painted elephant design reflects a creative spirit. It would resonate well with artistic places, whether at a gallery, a studio, or an urban setting known for its art scene. Also, the distinctive travel handbag can serve as a conversation starter, allowing you to connect with fellow art enthusiasts. 


Wide Organizer Satchel - 695 (Wondrous Wings)

This Organizer Satchel features elements of nature. Artists often express themselves not just through their work but through their fashion. This bag acts as an extension of your personal style, showcasing your love for nature and art. For instance, if you are visiting a vibrant craft fair or market, let this bag be your trusty companion. Not only does the bag provide a practical way to carry your essentials and new found treasures, but its unique, handcrafted design also perfectly embodies the artistic vibes of the fair or market. 


Zip Around Travel Organizer - 668 (Croc Embossed Sapphire)

The Zip Around Travel Organizer is not just a functional companion; it's a statement piece that complements your creative side. The chic design of the bag resonates with the scenic aesthetics of an artistic getaway - be it a tranquil writer's retreat or the bustling streets of a vibrant arts festival. This organizer effortlessly balances elegance with utility. It's spacious enough to hold your travel documents, writing tools, or even small sketchbooks, yet sleek enough not to feel cumbersome.


Triple Compartment Satchel - 469 (African Adventure)

This Triple Compartment Satchel features incredible artwork that has been inspired by African wildlife. The satchel's vivid imagery captures the raw beauty and artistry found in the natural world, making it an ideal accessory to express your appreciation for the creative arts. Whether you're attending a writer's workshop or an art class, the satchel can serve as a source of inspiration with its creative design, while offering ample space for your materials and personal items.


Small Convertible Hobo - 701 (Croc Embossed Silver Gray) 

This small convertible hobo is an ideal companion for cultural excursions, particularly to art galleries or museums. Its compact size ensures that it is not cumbersome to carry during extended periods of walking and viewing exhibits. Also, the bag has sufficient space for essentials such as your wallet, phone, a small notebook, and a pen—perfect for jotting down thoughts or sketching inspirations you come across.

The convertible aspect of the bag adds to its versatility. It can be worn over the shoulder for a casual, relaxed look, or it can be adjusted to be carried as a crossbody bag for added security and convenience, especially in crowded gallery spaces or busy museum halls.


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They come in different shapes, sizes and designs. Regardless of the size or design you pick, they are perfectly suited to holidays and travel. Based on the bag side, you can fit in all of your essentials for the day, ensuring you have a stress-free outing.