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From fashionable travel backpacks to umbrellas here is a list of essential travel accessories

Written by: Anuschka Team


As a globetrotter, you desire to explore every corner of the world, but with a touch of elegance. Traveling entails careful planning, organization, decision-making, and safety measures. Therefore, travel accessories are a must-have for both business and leisure trips. They not only simplify your life but also enhance your travel experience. From umbrellas to travel backpacks, these accessories are essential no matter where you are traveling to. As you explore the world, why not do it in style? Here are some of the must-have travel accessories that you should consider:




When it comes to stylish and practical travel gear, a backpack reigns supreme. Versatile and chic, a backpack is the perfect companion for a weekend getaway, day trip, or extended travel. With a backpack, you can keep all your necessary travel essentials organized and easily accessible. While a suitcase or trolley may store your clothes and shoes, a backpack can hold your wallet, keys, phone, medication, AirPods, and even a laptop. Backpacks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with beautiful designs and patterns to suit your style. Our fashionable leather backpacks are crafted by skilled artisans in India, featuring unique artwork hand-painted to perfection to match your fashion preferences. Whether you prefer vintage or cutesy styles, we offer a range of colors and designs to complement any outfit. So, if you are looking for hand-painted backpacks, explore our collection.




An umbrella is not just a practical travel accessory, but it can also be a fashionable one. It adds a Parisian touch to your look and is a must-have, as weather can be unpredictable in many cities. Whether it's heavy rain or scorching heat, an umbrella can protect you from the extremes of the climate. Our beautiful umbrellas are made of high-quality polyester and feature unique artwork from our collection. With a 38” canopy, they provide ample coverage and protection. The automatic on and off switch makes handling easy, and the included storage sleeve ensures it stays safe and secure when not in use. The custom-made wooden handle not only adds a touch of class but also provides a comfortable grip. Additionally, the umbrella features fiberglass ribs, making it resistant to harsh winds. The unique lining offers UPF 50+ protection from harmful UV rays, making it ideal for use in all weather conditions. Plus, it's compact enough to easily fit inside your bag.


Eyeglass case


When on the go, fumbling for your glasses can be a hassle, and you certainly don't want them to get damaged. A good optical case can hold one or multiple pairs of glasses, so you can store your reading glasses and sunglasses in one place without worrying about multiple cases. Our eyeglass cases are not only sturdy and spacious, but they're also stylish. Made of top-quality leather and decorated with vintage artwork, these optical cases are perfect for both business trips and casual weekends with friends. We offer single leather eyeglass pouches for a single pair of glasses and larger double eyeglass cases for two sets of glasses. Plus, these versatile eyeglass cases can even be used as makeup pouches for added convenience.


RFID blocking wallets


As a frequent traveler, it's important to be aware of the potential thefts and scams that can happen to tourists. Your credit cards and passports are vulnerable to RFID scanners, which can grant criminals access to your personal information for unauthorized purchases or identity fraud. To ensure the safety of your belongings, it's better to take precautions. Our RFID blocking wallets come with a protective lining that shields the RFID chips in your cards and passport from illegal scanning. These wallets are crafted from genuine leather and feature exquisite hand-painted artwork, making them both functional and stylish.


Travel organizers


Our travel organizers offer a practical solution for keeping your travel essentials organized and easily accessible. With multiple zippered pockets, they provide ample space to store your tablet, phone, and AirPods in a compartmentalized manner. Some organizers even come with a detachable crossbody strap, allowing for hands-free convenience. Available in a variety of sizes and styles, our travel organizers can accommodate your makeup essentials, laptops, and important documents. Additionally, the unique hand-painted artwork on these bags makes them a stylish accessory to carry.