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Must-have Handbags: The Essential Accessories for Every Occasion

Written by: Anuschka Team


A handbag is not just an accessory, but a key element that adds both style and functionality to your overall look. No matter what the occasion is, whether you're attending a formal event, going to the office, or running errands, the right handbag can elevate your style and make sure you're prepared for any situation. That's why having a collection of handbags is crucial in creating a functional and versatile wardrobe.

Here, we share some of the must-have handbags you should own.

Tote bags:

Tote bags have been a popular choice for carrying essentials for many years. They are timeless and practical - they combine ample space with stylish designs. Due to their versatility and functionality, they are perfect for a wide range of activities, from grocery shopping to a day at the beach. With their sturdy handles, durable materials, and spacious compartments, tote bags are an essential accessory that can be used for years to come. Some of the leather tote bags from our collection that you must check include:

Medium Everyday Tote - 710

This medium tote is a sight to behold with its captivating scene of two stunning hummingbirds hovering around a bunch of colorful flowers. The artwork is masterfully done and pops against a luxurious black base, creating a vibrant and eye-catching design. The bag is not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical, with ample space to carry your essentials. It's a perfect blend of style and functionality, making it an ideal accessory for any occasion.

Large Zip Top Tote - 698

This tote bag is a work of art that features a hand-painted rose design on a beautiful almond-colored base. The intricate floral motifs on this bag are truly impressive. The delicate rose design is so lifelike that it looks like it has been plucked fresh from the garden and placed on the bag. The attention to detail on this tote bag is simply breathtaking, making it a unique and beautiful piece that is sure to turn heads and garner compliments wherever it goes.

Crossbody bags:

Crossbody bags are becoming increasingly popular due to their compact size, convenience, and hands-free design. They are a must-have for those busy days when you need to run errands or explore a new city. These bags are perfect for carrying your essentials while keeping your hands free. Some of the leather crossbody bags from our collection that you must check include:

Expandable Travel Crossbody - 550

Up your fashion game with this stunning crossbody bag that features exquisite artwork inspired by a blossoming garden. The intricate design features vibrant flowers that add a touch of elegance to your overall look. Take advantage of the opportunity to add this statement piece to your collection!

Expandable Travel Crossbody - 550

Make a statement with this stunning crossbody bag featuring a vintage bike artwork that evokes memories of a bygone era. This functional accessory is designed to complement your modern wardrobe with a touch of historical allure. The perfect balance of style and practicality makes it an ideal everyday companion.

Building a functional handbag collection:

  • Consider your lifestyle: When building your handbag collection, consider your lifestyle. For example, if you have long days at work, prioritize tote bags. They can hold all your daily essentials comfortably.
  • Invest in quality: Aim to use handbags for several years, so choose those made from high-end materials such as genuine leather. Opt for timeless designs that won't quickly go out of style.
  • Always consider the functionality: Always check the functionality. Look for bags with multiple compartments. These help keep your items organized and easily accessible.

Looking for bags for every occasion?

Explore our handbag collection. We offer a myriad of handbags that prioritize functionality as well as style. Some of these bags feature hand-tooling, while others have intricate original hand-painted artwork. These bags come in different colors and sizes, making it easier for you to choose the perfect one that complements your style.