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The perfect work-to-party leather totes for fashionistas

Written by: Anuschka Team


Leather totes have long been a go-to choice for women who need a bag that can hold all their workday essentials while still looking stylish. With their ample storage space, these bags offer a roomy interior that can easily accommodate laptops, documents, notebooks, and other work-related items without sacrificing on elegance. A high-quality leather tote bags is not only practical and functional, but also incredibly versatile. It can effortlessly transition from a hectic workday to after-work events or parties, making it the perfect choice for any occasion.

Here, we share a list of the perfect work-to-party leather tote bags for women:

Small Shopper - 677

This stylish small shopper tote comes with double shoulder straps to ensure ease and convenience when carrying it around throughout the day and night. The vibrant floral design, along with the swan’s elegant curves, makes this bag a statement piece. For a professional look, you can pair it with a tailored pantsuit or a skirt suit in neutral shades such as black or navy. For casual settings, like an after-work get-together, pairing the tote with a chic jumpsuit or a trendy dress can create a fashionable yet relaxed look. Opt for solid colors or minimal patterns to let the tote's design be the focal point of the outfit.

Medium Tote - 693

This brilliant hand-tooled medium tote features butterflies in various shades. For a work setting, pair it with a camel-colored blazer, a crisp white blouse, and neutral-toned trousers to create a sophisticated and professional look. The tote's colorful butterflies add a splash of vibrancy, bringing a unique twist to the classic work attire. For evening wear, the tote pairs beautifully with a sleek black dress. The colorful butterflies on the tote will pop against the black, adding an element of fun and flair to a formal look.

Classic Work Tote - 664

This stylish classic work tote features an elegant navy blue shade with artwork representing multicolored butterflies. In a professional setting, combine black trousers with a pastel-colored shirt, such as baby blue or sof