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Versatile hand-tooled leather bags for all office occasions

Written by: Anuschka Team


Hand-tooled leather bags are unique accessories that can add diversity to your wardrobe. These bags are highly versatile, complementing both casual and professional looks quite well. Whether you're donning a relaxed jeans-and-tee combination for a leisurely day out or dressing up in a sharp business suit for a formal meeting, a hand-tooled leather bag can effortlessly elevate your overall look. Here, we share some of the hand-tooled handbags for office occasions:

Flap Crossbody - 694 (Tooled Butterfly Wine)

This hand-tooled leather flap crossbody bag features an elegant design of flowers and butterflies on a wine-colored background. The bag is perfectly suited for attending different office events when paired well with outfits. For an evening gala, you can pair it with a graceful black cocktail dress, stilettos, and silver jewelry. For a daytime business meeting, you can combine the bag with a tailored navy jumpsuit. In case of a casual office gathering, you can opt for a cream-colored sweater, ankle boots, and a plaid skirt with the bag.

Classic Hobo With Studded Side Pockets - 433 (Tooled Butterfly Ocean)

This classic hobo with studded side pockets features a delightful shade of blue and is adorned with graceful butterfly motifs. The color and design is perfect for attending office events. For a client meeting, you can pair it with a tailored black pantsuit, black heels, and a white blouse.  For a more relaxed team lunch, pair it with a navy A-line dress. To maintain a comfortable yet stylish vibe, opt for nude ballet flats to complete the look.

Zip Around Travel Organizer - 668 (Tooled Dragonfly Meadow Pewter)

This unique zip around travel organizer features hand-painted dragonflies. For after-work parties, you can pair the bag with a knee-length black sheath dress and silver ballet flats. This would ensure an elegant yet balanced look. For official or formal office gatherings, pair it with a well-fitted blouse in solid colors such as white or pastel shades and tailored slacks in classic colors. Opt for closed-toe heels in neutral colors and keep jewelry minimal.


Medium Tote - 693 (Tooled Butterfly Ocean)

This is an attractive hand- tooled tote bag that features a vibrant and rich blue color. For corporate events such as dinners or conferences, pair it with a black midi dress and matching black heels. At networking events, where making a lasting impression is crucial, this tote bag serves as more than just an accessory. You can pair the bag with a classic, sophisticated pinstripe suit in a refined gray tone, complemented by a crisp white blouse. This combination strikes a perfect balance between professional and chic.

Classic Hobo With Side Pockets - 382 (Tooled Butterfly Wine)


This wine-colored classic hobo with side pockets is an ideal choice for enhancing your formal wardrobe. For those critical meetings where making a professional impression is key, consider pairing this elegant bag with a white silk blouse, a sleek black pencil skirt, and classic black pumps. Adding subtle jewelry to this combination can elevate the entire look. When the occasion is a more casual office event, this versatile bag pairs beautifully with a coordinated wine-colored blazer, creating a harmonious and stylish look. You can complement the look with charcoal gray slacks and a crisp white shirt for a well-rounded outfit.

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