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Packing for a winter holiday? From fashionable travel backpacks to scarves, here are some essentials for the perfect vacay

Written by: Anuschka Team


Winter is the perfect time to visit serene mountains or cold countries. A winter holiday means enjoying the foggy mornings with warm coffee and gazing at the stars at night. However, going on a winter holiday means packing your essentials to ensure you look the best. From fashionable travel backpacks to scarves, here we share some essentials for the perfect vacay:


Travel backpacks 


When it comes to traveling backpacks are one of the most versatile bags out there. You can use them to tote around your things while enjoying a hike or visiting a museum. With a backpack over your shoulders, your hands are free.

Life-style Medium Backpack - 8481-MPK


Looking for fashionable travel backpacks?


If you are looking for fashionable travel backpacks, explore our hand painted backpack. Made using soft top-grain nappa leather, our hand painted backpacks feature custom works of art. Our talented artisans create custom artworks that are inspired by scenes around the world. From the fashion runways to the Amazon rainforest, from the flower market in Rome to Brazilian birds, our fashionable travel backpacks will make you stand out from the crowd, no matter where you go.

Coats and jackets 

They are an obvious must-have for any winter holiday. Trench coats give you an elegant and sophisticated look. They are apt for acing a layered look. They are apt for a city holiday. On the other hand, jackets are more practical and are best suited for winter activities such as hiking, skiing and snowboarding. It’s a good idea to find out about activities that you will be doing and pack winter wear accordingly.

One-piece winter dress 

An evening dress can give you an elegant, formal and sophisticated look. A  woolen dress is ideal to ace the winter look. For the perfect dinner night, pair a dress with a long coat and lug boots. For a dressed-up look, carry a hand painted clutch. Made with genuine leather,  our hand painted clutch will elevate the look of any outfit. It will match the darker outfits, creating a cohesive look. With lighter outfits, it will help to create a beautiful contrast.


When going on a winter holiday, you must carry a couple of scarves. They can even elevate your casual outfit. Scarves are also very practical, you can just wrap them around your head to protect your hair from cold temperatures.

life-style Bucket Backpack - 685-CRN


You'll probably be spending a lot more time outdoors while on holiday. This is why you should pack a  pair of cool sunglasses. Moreover, you don’t want to get yourself clicked when your eyes are squinting because of the sun. Make sure you carry a pair of sunglasses that will go well with your face and outfits.


Sneakers and ankle-high outdoor shoes are quite popular for the winter holidays. Make sure the footwear is not just good-looking but also comfortable. However, if you are planning to do snowboarding, ice fishing, or skiing, carry snow boots. Remember normal boots and snow boots may look similar but their functionality is quite different. Regular boots are designed to keep your feet warm. However, snow boots are for keeping your feet warm as well as dry. Snow boots tend to have extra plush inner linings.

Life-style Scarf -3300-AFR